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Due to the economical impact of the recession, our office changed our workdays beginning in January of 2013. There is no predictability you can use to know which days the office will be open, so we are providing this color-coded calendar for your convenience. 

The green days, we will be open. The yellow days, we may open if the other days are full and we have enough of a need to open, or if something happens to prevent us from working a green day, a nearby yellow day will be added as an open day. The grey days, we will be closed. The red days are simply major holidays that we will be closed.  

Our hours are 8am to 5pm, with lunch from 1pm to 2pm.
The good news is that we are open all five weekdays on some sort of regular basis.  Beginning in July of 2018, the office is open four days most weeks, mostly M-Th with one Tu-F each month.  2019 will be the same with almost all four-day weeks, M-Th and usually one Tu-F a month.

[updated 08/18/18]

Emergency and After Office Hours for Our Patients:
It is our hope that you will never experience a dental emergency.  If you do, however, we are here to help you in your time of need.  If your emergency occurs during our regular hours, please call us immediately so that we can determine an appropriate time for you to be seen. 

Beyond regular office hours, please phone (706)235-8687 and listen to the message.  There will be instructions for you to follow to notify Dr. Dismuke or one of his colleagues if he is unavailable.  If your emergency occurs between 10:00 pm and 7am, or is extremely urgent, please go to the Emergency Room of your choice for immediate treatment.


[updated 02/21/18]




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